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June 20, 2017 (Battiste, Buccilli, Switzer, Mcilroy, Hirsch, Matcho & Cvetic)

Hemingway's Poetry Series
June 20, 2017
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Standing L-R: Jimmy Cvetic, Adam Matcho & Joan Bauer
Seated L-R: Silas Switzer, Leslie Anne Mcilroy, Michele Battiste & Daniela Buccilli

The daughter of a Hungarian refugee, Michele Battiste traveled to Budapest in 2006 on a grant from the Jerome Foundation to research the stories she heard at her grandmother's kitchen table. In 2007, she used that research to write the first draft of Uprising while a resident at the Blue Mountain Center. Uprising is Michele's second book of poems from Black Lawrence Press. She is also the author of four chapbooks, and her work has appeared in American Poetry Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, and Women's Studies Quarterly among other journals. 

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Daniela Buccilli’s poetry has appeared or is upcoming in Paterson Literary Review, Free State Review, Concho River Review, uppagus, Italian Americana: Cultural and Historical Review, Rune, Voices from the Attic, Main Street Rag, and The Fourth River. She has studied with the Madwomen for nearly ten years. Her MFA is from University of Pittsburgh (2001). Her book-length manuscript Hippie Teachers was a semi-finalist for the 2015 Perugia Press. 

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Leslie Anne Mcilroy introduces her daughter, Silas Switzer.  

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Leslie Anne Mcilroy won the 2000 Word Press Poetry Prize for her full-length collection Rare Space. She also won the 1997 Slipstream Poetry Chapbook Prize for her chapbook Gravel, and first place in the 1997 Chicago Literary Awards judged by Gerald Stern. Leslie's poems are published in numerous journals and anthologies including American Poetry: The Next Generation, Connotation Press, Dogwood, Jubilat, The Mississippi Review, New Ohio Review, Nimrod International Journal of Prose & Poetry, Poetry Magazine, PANK and Pearl Magazine. Leslie serves as Managing & Poetry Editor of  (Human Equity through Art) Online. She works as a copywriter in Pittsburgh, PA, where she lives with her daughter, Silas. Her second full-length book, Liquid Like This, was published by Word Tech in July 2008. Her third collection, SLAG was runner up for the 2014 Main Street Rag Publishing Company Book Prize and was released in December, 2014. 

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Gene Hirsch is a retired academic and activist who has taught human values and the emotional care of sick and dying people, to doctors and medical students for many years, and conducted poetry workshops widely for health professionals.  He volunteered (20 years) at Cleveland Medical Free Clinic and founded the Cleveland chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility.  He initiated a writing program at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC where he has taught for 22 years. His poetry has appeared in journals such as Pharos (Medical Honor Society), Hiram Poetry Review, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Journal of the American Medical Association and in the anthologies Kenyon Review Workshop Anthology, Tyranny of the Normal and Crossing Limits (African Americans and American Jews), among others. He produced Freeing Jonah, poets of western North Carolina (5 volumes) and has written two books. 

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Adam Matcho is an obituary writer and contributor to The New Yinzer. He is a former technical writer, novelty shop clerk, basketball coach and gas station attendant. His chapbook, Six Dollars an Hour: Confessions of a Gemini Writer, was published by Liquid Paper Press and his essay collection, The Novelty Essays, was published by WPA Press. When not writing death notices, Adam tries to write about life. He lives in a former craft shop with his wife, two sons and too many animals. As Dave Newman has said, "Adam Matcho has more talent than most corporations have profits, and his vision of America is tragic and brilliant and hilarious.” 

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Jimmy Cvetic has been writing and performing poetry all his life. A retired county police officer and often described as 'Bukowski with a badge,' Jimmy served for many years as director of the Pittsburgh Police Athletic League. He is founder and director of the Hemingway's Summer Poetry Series. His poems have appeared in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, City Paper and other publications.  He appears in the film, Warrior, and in 2012, he read his poetry at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA with his actor-friend and poet, Nick Nolte.  In 2010, Jimmy's book of poetry, The Secret Society of Dog was published by Awesome Books/Lascaux Editions, and a second volume, Dog Unleashed, was also published by Awesome Books in 2012.  Jimmy, his boxing gym and trainers were recently featured in the Esquire cable TV show, “White Collar Brawlers.”  In 2016, Jimmy published a third volume, Beware of the Dog. His new book of poetry, Dog Is a Love from Hell, was just released by Lascaux Editions (2017).  

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Open Mic 

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  1. Hemingway’s poetry series is a great program. These kinds of literary parties are a source of sharing each other’s thoughts and have fun with your friends.